Allow for the following costs in compiling your budget:


  • agents fees.
  • agents expenses (advertising, photographs, board erection, registration fees).
  • solicitors fees.
  • legal extras on selling (searches, property certificates etc).
  • removal expenses.
  • find out how much your existing mortgage is to pay off (don't forget to check if there are penalty clawbacks of previous discounts).
  • if you have second charges or loans secured on your property these will all need to be cleared.


  • valuation and survey fees
  • solicitors fees.
  • legal extras on buying (stamp duty, tax, registration fees etc).
  • removal expenses.
  • mortgage arrangement fees.
  • you will have to find at least between 5% and 10% of the price yourself as a deposit.
  • renovating, decorating and furnishing your new home.


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