Seller's Solicitors Job

A quick checklist of tasks for the seller's solicitor in Northern Ireland are:

  • examination of ownership documents.
  • preparing and sending a sale contract with the ownership documents on loan to the buyer's solicitor.
  • helping the seller complete detailed disclosure questionnaires.
  • applying for property certificates from the Department of the Environment and local council.
  • applying for Bankruptcy and Court Judgement searches against the seller.
  • applying to the Land Registers for searches against the seller to make sure all outstanding mortgages or registered debts are taken into account.
  • having the seller complete and settle detailed lists of fixtures, fittings and contents included or excluded from the deal.
  • ensuring the seller has an Energy Performance Certificate for the property.
  • obtaining exact financial details of debts owned to the lender, estate agent, ground landlord and others in preparation for discharge on completion.
  • considering any amendments to the contract after the buyer has signed once the contract has been received back from the buyer's solicitor and settling any problems which have arisen.
  • having the contract countersigned by the seller and put into legal effect by faxing a copy of the contract to the buyer's solicitor.
  • having the seller sign transfer documents in preparation for completion.
  • on completion day paying off all mortgages and charges against the property and applying for release documentation.
  • informing the Rates Office of the buyer's name and forwarding any refund to the seller.
  • accounting to the seller for the net proceeds of the sale after debts and expenses are paid off.
  • completing the registration of release documentation to free the property from previous debts.
  • closing the solicitor's file and storing it for twelve years in case of future disputes.

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