Legal Extras on Selling

When selling a property there are various payments which have to be paid on your behalf in addition to the solicitors fee:

Value Added Tax

VAT is a tax on the purchase of goods and services and is currently 17.5%. This will be charged on the Solicitors fees and will be included in some other expenditure.

Property Certificates

The Department of the Environment currently charge £30.00 for their certificate revealing the current state of the planning, road, sewers and water Issues.

Ordnance Survey Maps

An ACE map from Ordnance Survey has to be provided before the Department of the Environment or local councils will respond to the property certificate request. Sometimes a suitable map is with the Title Deeds to a property but if one is needed it will cost ?32.90 from Ordnance Survey online plus an admin fee charged by the solicitor for making the application. Larger firms of Solicitors are more likely to have a large library of maps resulting in a possible reduction in this expense.

Personal searches

Bankruptcy and Court Judgement searches against the seller cost between £25.00 to £55.00 depending on whether there is one or two sellers.

registry searches

  • Statutory Charges, (government debts) searches are usually about £18.00.
  • registry of deeds searches vary between £20.00 and £100.00 depending on the number of names and length of time searched against.
  • Land registry searches are £25.00 for a priority search.
  • Landweb searches vary between £3.00 and £13.00.


There may be additional expenses for obtaining copies of planning permissions, building control approvals, land registry maps or other such matters which may arise in some transactions.

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