The making of proper searches is a vital part of the legal investigations into whether there is clear title (ownership) of the property you wish to buy.

Statutory Charges Register

This is a central register for a number of different government matters affecting land known as Statutory Charges. These include charges in favour of local authorities under the Public Health Acts, notices under the Road Acts, listed buildings and many other things. A Statutory Charge registered before a buyer is registered as owner takes priority over the legal transfer to the buyer.

Judgments Office

This Search will show if there are any court cases pending which may affect the property, crown judgments or judgments for rates.

Companies Office

When buying from a company the Register of Charges must always be searched to ensure that the Company can give good title to the buyer.

Bankruptcy Office

When a person is adjudged bankrupt he has no power to transfer land to a buyer so a search must be made to make sure the seller is not bankrupt.

registry of deeds and Land registry searches

These searches are carried out in the government title registries to show any matters which have been registered against the title during the seller's ownership of the property. They will reveal, for example, if the seller has taken a second mortgage.


The land registry is now online and solicitors who are registered users are now able to view title and make searches for registered property on screen.

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